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Available areas

We have one mission: to provide home medical care to eligible patients.

If a patient lives in our clinic's service area and has difficulty going to the hospital on their own, we can provide home visit medical care, regardless of their age, illness, or disability. Home medical care is provided to a wide range of patients, from children with congenital diseases, to those who have difficulty going out due to depression or dementia, to those with various intractable neurological diseases and cancer, to the elderly who are bedridden or have heart failure.

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If your home is within a 30-minute drive from our clinic (within a 16km radius),

We will provide home visits for treatment.

For details, please check the list of areas where home visits are available.

In order to maintain the quality of care, we limit the scope of our services.

note that.
Any enquiries outside the scope of our medical practice will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or through our inquiry form.

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Kita Ward, Okayama City

Izumi-cho, Aoi-cho, Asahi-cho, Asahi-honcho, Ijima-cho 1-chome, Ijima-cho 2-chome, Ijima-cho 3-chome, Ijima-kita-cho, Ifuku-cho 1-chome, Ifuku-cho 2-chome, Ifuku-cho 3-chome, Ifuku-cho 4-chome, Ekimoto-cho, Ekimae-cho 1-chome, Ekimae-cho 2-chome, Okuda 1-chome, Okuda 2-chome, Okuda-nishi-cho, Okuda-minami-cho, Okuda-honcho, Yokoikami, Oka-cho, Okaminami-cho 1-chome, Okaminami-cho 2-chome, Shimoifuku 1-chome, Shimoifuku 2-chome, Shimoifukukami-cho, Shimoifuku-nishi-cho, Shimoifuku-honcho, Shimoishii 2-chome, Shimonakano, Shimonuchida-cho, Ezu-cho, Gakuminami-cho 1 Chome, Gakunancho 2-chome, Gakunancho 3-chome, Kansai-cho, Marunouchi 1-chome, Marunouchi 2-chome, Iwai 1-chome, Iwai 2-chome, Iwai Miyaura, Iwata-cho, Gion, Yumino-cho, Kyobashi-cho, Kyobashi Minami-cho, Kyoyama 1-chome, Kyoyama 2-chome, Kyomachi, Tamakashiwa, Nishiki-cho, Kuwata-cho, Hara, Mifuneiri-cho, Kosei-cho 1-chome, Kosei-cho 2-chome, Kosei-cho 3-chome, Saiwai-cho, Hirose-cho, Takayanagi Nishi-cho, Takayanagi Higashi-cho, Kokutai-cho, Ima 1-chome, Ima 2-chome, Ima 3-chome, Ima 4-chome, Ima 5-chome, Ima 6-chome, Ima 7-chome, Ima 8-chome, Imamura, Mikamon Nishi Town, Mikado Nakamachi, Mikado Higashimachi, Mino 1-chome, Mino 2-chome, Mino 3-chome, Mino Honmachi, Yamashina-cho, Shikata-cho 1-chome, Shikata-cho 2-chome, Shikata-honmachi, Nanokaichi Nishimachi, Nanokaichi Higashimachi, Kubibe, Kotobuki-cho, Funahashi-cho, Tokaichi Nishimachi, Tokaichi Nakamachi, Tokaichi Higashimachi, Yado, Yado Honmachi, Izushi-cho 1-chome, Izushi-cho 2-chome, Kasuga-cho, Showa-cho, Kaminakano 1-chome, Kaminakano 2-chome, Shinyashiki-cho 1-chome, Shinyashiki-cho 2-chome, Shinyashiki-cho 3-chome, Shinmichi, Kanda-cho 1-chome, Kanda-cho 2-chome, Kiyohikibashi 1-chome, Kiyohikibashi 2-chome, Seikibashi 3-chome, Seikibashi 4-chome, Seikihonmachi, Seishincho, Nishifurumatsu, Nishifurumatsu 1-chome, Nishifurumatsu 2-chome, Nishifurumatsu Nishimachi, Nishizaki 1-chome, Nishizaki 2-chome, Nishizakihonmachi, Nishinagase, Nishishimada-cho, Nishinomachi, Aoe 1-chome, Aoe 2-chome, Aoe 3-chome, Aoe 4-chome, Aoe 5-chome, Ishiseki-cho, Sendo-cho, Daianji Nishimachi, Daianji Nakamachi, Daianji Higashimachi, Daianji Minamimachi 1-chome, Daianji Minamimachi 2-chome, Daigaku-cho, Okuma 1-chome, Okuma 2-chome, Okuma 3-chome, Okuma Omotemachi, Okuma Honmachi, Omoto 1-chome , Omoto 2-chome, Omoto station front, Omotokamimachi, Yamatocho 1-chome, Yamatocho 2-chome, Tatsumi, Tanimanari 1-chome, Tanimanari 2-chome, Nakaimachi 1-chome, Nakaimachi 2-chome, Chuomachi, Nakahara, Nakayamashita 1-chome, Nakayamashita 2-chome, Nakasendo, Nakasendo 1-chome, Nakasendo 2-chome, Nakashimadamachi 1-chome, Nakashimadamachi 2-chome, Tsutaka, Tsutakadai 1-chome, Tsutakadai 2-chome, Tsutakadai 3-chome, Tsutakadai 4-chome, Tsukuramachi 1-chome, Tsukuramachi 2-chome, Tsushimakyomachi 1-chome, Tsushimakyomachi 2-chome, Tsushimakyomachi 3-chome, Tsushima Kuwanoki Town, Tsushima Sasagase, Tsushima Shinno 1-chome, Tsushima Shinno 2-chome, Tsushima Nishizaka 1-chome, Tsushima Nishizaka 2-chome, Tsushima Nishizaka 3-chome, Tsushima Naka 1-chome, Tsushima Naka 3-chome, Tsushima Higashi 1-chome, Tsushima Higashi 2-chome, Tsushima Higashi 3-chome, Tsushima Higashi 4-chome, Tsushima Minami 1-chome, Tsushima Minami 2-chome, Tsushima Fukui 1-chome, Tsushima Fukui 2-chome, Tsushima Honmachi, Tenjinmachi, Amanase, Amanase Minamimachi, Tamase, Tanaka, Tamachi 1-chome, Tamachi 2-chome, Shimada Honmachi 1-chome, Shimada Honmachi 2-chome, Higashi Furumatsu, Higashi Furumatsu 1-chome, Higashi Furumatsu 2-chome, Higashi Furumatsu 3-chome, Higashifurumatsu 4-chome, Higashifurumatsu 5-chome, Higashifurumatsuminamicho, Higashichuocho, Higashishimadacho 1-chome, Higashishimadacho 2-chome, Higashinoyamacho, Uchiyamashita 1-chome, Uchiyamashita 2-chome, Minamichuocho, Minamikata 1-chome, Minamikata 2-chome, Minamikata 3-chome, Minamikata 4-chome, Minamikata 5-chome, Futsukaichicho, Hiyoshicho, Handacho, Bancho 1-chome, Bancho 2-chome, Banzancho, Omotemachi 1-chome, Omotemachi 2-chome, Omotemachi 3-chome, Tomihara, Tomimachi 1-chome, Tomimachi 2-chome, Tomita, Tomitamachi 1-chome, Tomitamachi 2-chome, Heidan, Hirata, Heiwacho, Hokancho 1-chome, Hōkancho 2-chome, Hōkancho 3-chome, Hōkancho 4-chome, Hokaiin, Kitanagase Omotemachi 1-chome, Kitanagase Omotemachi 2-chome, Kitanagase Omotemachi 3-chome, Kitanagase Honmachi, Kitakata 1-chome, Kitakata 2-chome, Kitakata 3-chome, Kitakata 4-chome, Honmachi, Magaya-cho, Mannarinishi-cho, Mannarinishi-cho, Musa, Toiya-cho, Nodononishi-cho, Nodononishi-cho, Noda 1-chome, Noda 2-chome, Noda 3-chome, Noda 4-chome, Noda 5-chome, Nodaya-cho 1-chome, Nodaya-cho 2-chome, Yasaka Nishi-chome, Yasaka Higashi-cho, Yasaka Honmachi, Yanagi-cho 1-chome, Yanagi-cho 2-chome

Okayama City Minami Ward

Akebono-cho, Urayasu-nishi-cho, Urayasu-minami-cho, Urayasu-hon-cho, Shimonakano, Kaigandori 2-chome, Mihama-cho 1-chome, Mihama-cho 2-chome, Wakaba-cho, Susaki 1-chome, Susaki 2-chome, Susaki 3-chome, Matsuhama-cho, Shinfuku 1-chome, Shinfuku 2-chome, Shinbo, Nishiichi, Aoe, Chidori-cho, Izumida, Izumida 1-chome, Izumida 2-chome, Izumida 3-chome, Izumida 4-chome, Izumida 5-chome, Chikko Hikari-cho, Chikko Sakae-cho, Chikko Sakae-cho, Chikko Motomachi, Chikko Shinmachi 1-chome, Chikko Shinmachi 2-chome, Chikko Midori-cho 1-chome, Chikko Midori-cho 2-chome, Chikko Midori-cho 3-chome, Toshinden, Minami Teru 1-chome, Minami Teru 2-chome, Minami Teru 3-chome, Hama No 1-chome, Hamano 2-chome, Hamano 3-chome, Hamano 4-chome, Tomihama-cho, Fukuyoshi-cho, Fukunari 1-chome, Fukunari 2-chome, Fukunari 3-chome, Fukuda, Fukushima 1-chome, Fukushima 2-chome, Fukushima 3-chome, Fukushima 4-chome, Fukuhama-nishi-cho, Fukuhama-cho, Fukutomi-nishi 1-chome, Fukutomi-nishi 2-chome, Fukutomi-nishi 3-chome, Fukutomi-naka 1-chome, Fukutomi-naka 2-chome, Fukutomi-higashi 1-chome, Fukutomi-higashi 2-chome, Hirafuku 1-chome, Hirafuku 2-chome, Namiki-cho 1-chome, Namiki-cho 2-chome, Yonekura, Hosen 1-chome, Hosen 2-chome, Hosen 3-chome, Hosen 4-chome, Toyonari 1-chome, Toyonari 2-chome, Toyonari 3-chome, Toyohama-cho, Manbai, Tachikawa-cho

Higashi Ward, Okayama City

One-day market, Urama, Masuno town, Otogo, Shimoachi, Kachi 1-chome, Kachi 2-chome, Kachi 3-chome, Kachi 4-chome, Kachi 5-chome, Kawamoto town, Yoshii, Yoshiwara, Kukui, Kubo, Kanaoka Nishi town, Kanaoka Higashi town 1-chome, Kanaoka Higashi town 2-chome, Kanaoka Higashi town 3-chome, Kaneda, Kuban, Kimitsu, Kotojuku, Koto Minamikata, Mitsu, Koujizaki town, Hiroya, Saba, Saizaki, Terayama, Shishikan, Sukumo, Masuda, Matsushin town, Numa, Kamiachi, Kamimichi Kitakata, Jotodai Nishi 1-chome, Jotodai Nishi 2-chome, Joto Taisei 3-chome, Joto Taito 1-chome, Joto Taito 2-chome, Joto Taiminami 1-chome, Joto Taiminami 2-chome, Kanzaki-cho, Mizumon-cho, Asahigaoka 1-chome, Seto-cho, Asahigaoka 2-chome, Seto-cho, Asahigaoka 3-chome, Seto-cho, Asahigaoka 4-chome, Seto-cho, Shiona, Seto-cho, Oki, Seto-cho, Shimo, Kannonji, Seto-cho, Kikuyama, Seto-cho, Yuge, Seto-cho, Shoulder, Seto-cho, Komyoya, Seto-cho, Ejiri, Seto-cho, Sakane, Seto-cho, Sasaoka, Seto-cho, Terachi, Seto-cho, Sodo, Seto-cho, Shukuoku, Seto-cho, Mori, Seto-cho Sue, Seto Town, Seto, Oi Town, Ouchi Town, Kajiya Town, Minamikata Town, Futsukaichi Town, Seto Town, Mantomi Town, Masatsu, Masagi, Nishikosai, Nishisho, Saiso, Saidaiji, Saidaiji Ichinomiya, Saidaiji Kanaoka, Saidaiji Gomyo, Saidaiji Ikoshi, Saidaiji Matsuzaki, Saidaiji Kami 1-chome, Saidaiji Kami 2-chome, Saidaiji Kami 3-chome, Saidaiji Shin, Saidaiji Shinchi, Saidaiji Kawaguchi, Saidaiji Naka 1-chome, Saidaiji Naka 2-chome, Saidaiji Naka 3-chome, Saidaiji Nakano, Saidaiji Nakano Honcho , Saidaiji Higashi 1-chome, Saidaiji Higashi 2-chome, Saidaiji Higashi 3-chome, Saidaiji Minami 1-chome, Saidaiji Minami 2-chome, Saidaijihama, Saidaiji Kita, Saidaijimonzen, Nishihirajima, Nishikataoka, Sairyuji, Asagoe, Asakawa, Kusagabe, Otara Town, Tanijiri, Takehara, Nakagawa Town, Nakao, Naganuma, Tetsu, Higashikozaki, Higashikozaki Nishi, Higashihirajima, Higashikataoka, Fujii, Uchigahara, Narahara, Minami Koto, Minamisuimon Town, Momoezuki, Tomizaki, Fujimi Town, Fukuji, Takaden, Toyoda, Kitakoda, Meguro Town, Yai, Yazu, Okugo

Naka Ward, Okayama City

Saihigashicho 1-chome, Saihigashicho 2-chome, Sakurajuza, Asahihigashicho 1-chome, Asahihigashicho 2-chome, Asahihigashicho 3-chome, Maruyama, Okuichi, Okimoto, Ototami, Shimo, Umiyoshi, Seki, Gion, Kuwano, Kanemoto, Haraojima, Haraojima 1-chome, Haraojima 2-chome, Haraojima 3-chome, Haraojima 4-chome, Furukyomachi 1-chome, Furukyomachi 2-chome, Miyukimachi, Onarimachi, Esaki, Enami, Takaya, Takashima 1-chome, Takashima 2-chome, Takashima Shinyashiki, Kunitomi, Kunitomi 1-chome, Kunitomi 2-chome, Kunitomi Tomi 3-chome, Kunitomi 4-chome, Kokufu Ichiba, Imazaike, Imaya, Sakurabashi 1-chome, Sakurabashi 2-chome, Sakurabashi 3-chome, Sakurabashi 4-chome, Yamazaki, Shimikami, Sumiyoshicho 1-chome, Sumiyoshicho 2-chome, Kobashicho 1-chome, Kobashicho 2-chome, Shoda, Shinkyobashi 1-chome, Shinkyobashi 2-chome, Shinkyobashi 3-chome, Morishitacho, Kamishita, Shimizu, Shimizu 1-chome, Shimizu 2-chome, Nishikawahara, Nishikawahara 1-chome, Nishinakajimacho, Akasakadai, Akasaka Minami Shinmachi, Akasaka Honmachi, Akada, Kuramasu, Kurata, Kuratomi , Sawada, Taketa, Nakai, Nakai 1-chome, Nakai 2-chome, Nakai 3-chome, Nakai 4-chome, Nakajima, Chunagon-cho, Nagaoka, Nagatoshi, Tsuchida, Higashiyama 1-chome, Higashiyama 2-chome, Higashiyama 3-chome, Higashiyama 4-chome, Higashikawahara, Higashinakajima-cho, Yusako, Fujiwara, Fujiwara Hikari-cho 1-chome, Fujiwara Hikari-cho 2-chome, Fujiwara Hikari-cho 3-chome, Fujiwara Nishi-cho 1-chome, Fujiwara Nishi-cho 2-chome, Fujisaki, Tokuyoshi-cho 1-chome, Tokuyoshi-cho 2-chome, Yawata, Yawata Higashi-cho, Hama, Hama 1-chome, Hama 2-chome, Hama 3-chome Me, Fukudomari, Hirai, Hirai 1-chome, Hirai 2-chome, Hirai 3-chome, Hirai 4-chome, Hirai 5-chome, Hirai 6-chome, Hirai 7-chome, Yoneda, Minato, Amihama, Kadoyashiki 1-chome, Kadoyashiki 2-chome, Kadoyashiki 3-chome, Kadoyashiki 4-chome, Kadoyashiki 5-chome, Kadoyashiki Honmachi, Kadota Bunkacho 1-chome, Kadota Bunkacho 2-chome, Kadota Bunkacho 3-chome, Kadota Honmachi 1-chome, Kadota Honmachi 2-chome, Kadota Honmachi 3-chome, Kadota Honmachi 4-chome, Omachi, One-day market

Setouchi City

Ushimado Town: Ushimado, Ushimado Town, Shikanin, Ushimado Town, Senju, Ushimado Town, Nagahama, Osafune Town, Isogami, Osafune Town, Ushibun, Osafune Town, Nishisue, Osafune Town, Osafune Town, Haji, Osafune Town, Higashisue, Osafune Town, Yokaichi, Osafune Town, Ii, Osafune Town, Hattori, Osafune Town, Fukuoka, Osafune Town, Fukusato, Shimokasaka, Shimoyamada, Osafune Town, Mukaiyama, Yamate, Yama Tasho, Sozo, Oku-cho, Shoda, Oku-cho, Kamikasaka, Oku-cho, Kamiyamada, Oku-cho, Shiriumi, Oku-cho, Okubo, Otomi, Oku-cho, Higashitani, Oku-cho, Mameda, Owari, Oku-cho, Momota, Oku-cho, Fukumoto, Oku-cho, Fukuyama, Oku-cho, Fukunaka, Oku-cho, Toyoyasu, Oku-cho, Toyohara, Oku-cho, Kitaike, Oku-cho, Kitajima, Oku-cho, Honjo, Oku-cho, Minowa, Oku-cho

Akaiwa City

Shimoichi, Shimoniho, Kamagami, Kawamoto, Kamomae, Iwata, Kumazaki, Itsukaichi, Takaya, Saitomi, Sakuragaoka Nishi 10-chome, Sakuragaoka Nishi 1-chome, Sakuragaoka Nishi 2-chome, Sakuragaoka Nishi 3-chome, Sakuragaoka Nishi 4-chome, Sakuragaoka Nishi 5-chome, Sakuragaoka Nishi 6-chome, Sakuragaoka Nishi 7-chome, Sakuragaoka Nishi 8-chome, Sakuragaoka Nishi 9-chome, Sakuragaoka Higashi 1-chome, Sakuragaoka Higashi 2-chome, Sakuragaoka Higashi 3-chome, Sakuragaoka Okahigashi 4-chome, Sakuragaokahigashi 5-chome, Sakuragaokahigashi 6-chome, Yamaguchi, Sanyo 1-chome, Sanyo 2-chome, Sanyo 3-chome, Sanyo 4-chome, Sanyo 5-chome, Sanyo 6-chome, Sanyo 7-chome, Numata, Kamiichi, Kamihiho, Kanda, Masazaki, Nishikubota, Nishinaka, Okarita, Nakajima, Machikarita, Nagao, Tsuzaki, Toyu, Higashikubota, Minamikata, Futai, Higoki, Umaya, Otani, Hozaki, Yagami, Tachikawa, Wada

Bizen City

Katonishi, Katomoto, Sakane, Shinjo, Ouchi, Hatada, and Fukuda

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