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Aoi Home Clinic

Together with the local community

Welcome to Aoi Home Clinic.
We started providing a wide range of medical services, including home visits, in Okayama City, Setouchi City, Bizen City, and Akaiwa City in April 2020. Based on our experience in visiting acute care hospitals, private homes, and facilities,

We will strive to provide agile and compassionate home medical care.

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Visiting/home medical care and remote monitoring medical care

Home visits

Home visits are when a doctor visits the home (facility) of someone who has difficulty going to the hospital due to paralysis, pain, dementia, etc., to examine them, prescribe medication, and manage their health.
If you do not wish to be treated in a hospital and would like to spend your final moments at home, we will work with visiting nurses and care managers to help you spend your final moments at home.

We provide home medical care with peace of mind, even for those whose family members live outside the prefecture.

Palliative care

Spending your final moments at home is one way to end your life peacefully, by ending it in a familiar place.

We provide such assistance day and night as a matter of course.

Preventive medicine & specialist outpatient clinic

We provide outpatient care including vaccinations such as coronavirus, influenza, and pneumococcal vaccines, outpatient care for pacemakers and ICD/CRTD devices, CPAP for patients with sleep apnea syndrome, and HOT/ASV for patients with heart failure.

Due to the nature of visits, we require reservations. Please feel free to contact us.

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Out-of-hours phone support

For regular patients, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including in emergencies.

For emergencies or at night, please contact the clinic ( 090-1339-1717 ).

If we are unable to reach you, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Affiliated medical institutions

Kawasaki Medical School General Medical Center ( 086-225-2111 )

Okayama Red Cross Hospital ( 086-222-8811 )

Okayama Asahi Hospital ( 086-276-3231 )

Okayama Rehabilitation Hospital ( 086-274-7001 )

Fujita Hospital ( 086-943-6555 )

Okamura Isshindo Hospital ( 086-942-9900 )

Saidaiji Hospital ( 086-943-2211 )

Saidaiji Central Clinic ( 086-943-9211 )

Setouchi Municipal Hospital ( 086-922-1234 )

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